You are The "Invisible" Man, wielder of great power. From birth you have had the ability to turn invisible, but only when nobody can see you. Your whole life you've been ridiculed for your power as nobody believes it is real. Well, nobody but her. You've been lucky enough to find the love of your life, Iris. Although Iris is blind with her eyes, she's not blind to the love she has for you in her heart.

But what's this!? The evil Dr. Chad has kidnapped Iris!

Dr. Chad's terrible fashion sense has deterred all the women away from him, and now he wants to kidnap a blind woman in order to attempt to hold her hostage until she falls in love with his personality. This looks like a job for The "Invisible" Man!

This is a remake of my second game jam ever "The Plight of Invisible Man" from ~7 years ago ( The theme for my first version was "useless superpower" and the theme for this jam was "love is blind",  so a game about a superhero who can only turn invisible when nobody is looking having to save his blind girlfriend fits for both themes nicely.

Quality is lower in browser. For full visual quality, download the .zip file.

WASD or Arrow Key: movement
R: reload level
Esc: pause/unpause

AuthorJames Longo
Made withUnity


Download 32 MB

Development log


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